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NBR powder HLN35-4 PVC modification Nitrile Butadiene Rubber

NBR powder HLN35-4 PVC modification Nitrile Butadiene Rubber
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US $4500.001 - 5,000 ton

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Nitrile powder for PVC application HLN35 Series
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1 ton
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  • white 20 mesh

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  • Min Order1 ton


HLN 35-4 is high temperature polymerized, half-crosslinked acrylonitrile butadiene rubber.


Powdered NBR    HLN 35-4

Production Name  Non-crosslink Powdered Nitrile Butadiene Rubber(PNBR)

Chemical Structure   


Product Index

                 Appearance: White or little yellow powder

                 Mooney Viscosity,ML1001+4 :40-80                                        

                 Acylonitrile Content,% : 30-33

                 Crosslink type: Uncross link

                 Sift Rate0.90mm): ≥98%

                 Volatile: ≤1%


Basic Character

           HLN35-4 is non-crosslink PNBR(linear structure), which can soluble in Ketone, Toluene, Dimethylbenzene, and other common solvents, specifically recommended for semihumid and humid (solvent type) processing.


Application Advantages

1. Oil and solvent resistance

PNBR contains much-CN group, it can improve oil and solvent resistance for PVC.

2 Cold resistance

Due to PVC molecule’s no flexible and elastic chain structure, so it shows bad low temperature resistance. Adding PNBR elastomer, and its low temperature resistance performance can be improved.

3  Excellent insulativity

When only use PVC, its insulativity is not good. Adding PNBR, it can improve the products’ electrical resistivity.

4 Abrasive resistance

PNBR can improve abrasive resistance performance for PVC observably, and increase the products’ service life.

5 Skid resistance

PNBR can improve slip resistance performance for PVC observably, the slip resistance of PNBR/PVC can be compared favourably with TPR.

6 Plasticizer durability

Most soft PVC adopts low molecule  material plasticizer, and its products will be easily oil injection and bloom. When add PNBR, it can firmly attract plasticizer module to reduce plasticizer’s moving speed.  And PNBR is elastomer, when add PNBR, it can increase products’ elasticity and reduce the dosage of plasticizer.


7 Stability of melt viscosity

The melt viscosity of PNBR/PVC is stable in wide temperature range, also relax products processing operating conditions.